sábado, novembro 29, 2008

Actualização Novembro 2008

The New Scenario 2008

Working in Progress

Sometimes we have to modify , to get better ideas, and now it´s time to begin , the idea is there and let´s work on it !

I hope you will enjoy , like i ´m enjoying doing this.

Houses, trees , apearing all around with the green scenario all over !

The new Central Station finally appears , it takes time, but it is.

Baden Baden - Central Station , all 5 lines completely operational, and main routes are on:

The Central Station Line 10 , the beggining !

Central Station - Acess for fast long trains !

But you can see , that almost all trains can come to this railway station , plenty of parking space.

New ideas, new lines, and trains are going , Ebay is doing a lot , new buildings, new trains , new transfos , well a lot of news during 2007-2008 . Working on progress , there´s a lot of job to perform , until this will be finished , no lamps, no signals ...oops a lot to do.

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